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From High School to Real Estate Photographer! - Interview with Joshua Doak

Imagine starting a full-time real estate photography business right out of high school. Joshua Doak, an 18-year-old photographer from Navarre, Florida, did just that, and he's already making a name for himself in the industry. In a recent interview with Jordan from Real Estate Photography Hub, Joshua shared his story, tips, and advice for aspiring photographers. Read on to discover how Joshua turned his passion into a thriving business and his unique approach to acquiring new customers.

Joshua got into real estate photography in June last year, just after finishing high school. He started off part-time, juggling his photography business with a job at DoorDash. Within six months, he transitioned into full-time photography and never looked back. Joshua projects that he will make around $10,000 in his first year in real estate, which is a significant achievement considering his initial goal was only $1,000.

While transitioning into a full-time photography career, Joshua had to find a way to bridge the income gap. He started with DoorDash to sustain himself while he built his business. In his interview, he recommends aspiring photographers to explore multiple income sources rather than focusing solely on photography. This approach allows you to maintain a stable income while pursuing your passion.

Joshua's inspiration for pursuing real estate photography came from a TikTok video showcasing the potential income from the business. He started exploring real estate and learning about the industry while also honing his photography skills. He soon realized that the key to success in this field was making connections and building relationships with potential clients.

To find his first clients, Joshua began cold-calling realtors listed on Zillow who had poor-quality photos or very few images in their listings. He made around 60 calls before landing his first job, which served as the foundation for his growing business. Today, he still uses cold-calling as part of his marketing strategy to find new clients.

Despite his young age, Joshua has a strong grasp on managing his leads and business activities. He uses spreadsheets and documents to keep track of everything and believes that staying organized is crucial for success. His long-term goals include scaling his business, eventually setting up a full-fledged real estate photography studio in his small town.

Joshua Doak's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. At just 18 years old, he has successfully turned his love for photography into a sustainable business. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring photographers and entrepreneurs alike, proving that it's never too early to follow your dreams and create a career you love.