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Real Estate Photography: $20k to $75k in 3 Years! - Interview with Kaitlyn Ege

Hey everyone! We recently had an amazing interview with Kaitlyn, a successful real estate photographer from New Braunfels, Texas. We learned about her journey, from starting her business in 2019 to making a whopping $75,000 in 2022, and she shared some incredible marketing tips for other aspiring real estate photographers.

Kaitlyn began her photography career by capturing nature and portraits before transitioning to weddings. However, the wedding photography business eventually left her feeling burnt out. When her husband started flipping mobile homes, Kaitlyn found her calling in real estate photography.

In her first year, Kaitlyn earned $20,000 through a combination of contracting with Airbnb, VHT, and working with local realtors. One of the key factors in her success was her ability to market herself effectively. By creating a professional website and engaging with local realtors on Instagram, she steadily built her client base.

Kaitlyn stressed the importance of having a visually appealing and user-friendly website specifically tailored to real estate photography. She found that focusing on a niche and showcasing a strong portfolio were essential in attracting clients.

Social media played a significant role in Kaitlyn's marketing strategy, with Instagram being her primary platform. She advised that real estate photographers should be consistent in their online presence, engaging with local realtors by liking and commenting on their posts. This subtle approach often leads to realtors checking out your work and potentially becoming clients.

According to Kaitlyn, the key to getting referrals is providing excellent customer service, treating clients well, and delivering consistent high-quality work. By focusing on building relationships and satisfying her clients, Kaitlyn was able to grow her business and achieve success in the real estate photography industry.

We hope you enjoyed this insightful interview with Kaitlyn and that her tips and experiences inspire you to take your real estate photography business to new heights!