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How to Succeed as a Full-Time Real Estate Photographer: Lessons from Spencer Davis' Journey

Are you a beginner real estate photographer looking for some inspiration and tips to grow your business? Look no further than this insightful interview with Spencer Davis, a full-time real estate photographer from Burlington, Vermont. In this interview, Spencer shares his story of how he got started in the industry and overcame challenges to become a highly sought-after photographer in the real estate market.

One of the standout points of Spencer's approach is that he has built a thriving business with just 8 to 10 repeat customers. Spencer emphasizes the importance of building relationships with clients, which can make the job easier and more flexible. He recommends that beginner real estate photographers start part-time or on weekends, gradually building up their customer base.

Spencer also discusses the seasonality of the real estate photography market and how he manages his business during slower periods. He recommends setting aside money earned during busier times to cover expenses during slow periods. He also uses this time to learn new skills and diversify his offerings, such as adding drone photography and 3D modeling to his repertoire.

As a solo real estate photographer, Spencer also shares some of the challenges he faces, such as the loneliness of working alone and the demands of editing photos. He emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between time commitment and quality, with the average editing time for one property taking him about an hour and a half to two hours.

In addition to his successful real estate photography business, Spencer has also started a YouTube channel and a TikTok account to share his expertise and offer short-form tutorials to other real estate photographers. He enjoys finding ways to explain complex photography techniques in a way that beginners can understand.

Overall, Spencer's story is one of persistence, hard work, and dedication to his craft. His insights and advice offer valuable guidance for anyone looking to succeed in the real estate photography industry. So, if you're a beginner real estate photographer looking to grow your business, be sure to check out this inspiring interview with Spencer Davis.